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As you will be aware by now, I’ve been following the beta journey of Moot, a new and exciting forum system designed to eradicate dated phpBB forums from the internet. The system has just reached a new mile-stone by including branding and single sign-on as paid extras.

Branding, unsurprisingly, enables you to dress up your Moot forum to match the rest of your site. This includes adding your logo to the login window, static SEO pages and branded emails from Moot. Single sign-on will enable your users to sign into your site and Moot forum with one user name and password. Currently users need a Moot username or to create an account with the service using your Facebook or Twitter credentials.

Since we launched in April, we have been overwhelmed with requests for new features. After working on this for 3.5 years we knew we needed to make the project public before being able to prioritise items on our road map, or add others we might have overlooked.

What we didn’t expect was the sheer volume of the feedback. Our own forums, inboxes, Twitter, and Facebook have been bombarded with questions, ideas, wishes, and requests for new features. Some of which we planned to include very soon after launch and some that we decided to do after seeing so many people asking for them.

We’d like to thank all our users for the interest and the overwhelming response Moot has received, and we sincerely hope these paid features are able to answer some of your needs.

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Branding will set you back $10 a month, whilst single sign-on costs $20 for the same period. I will be very curious to see what the uptake for these features is. With the service still very much in beta I wouldn’t expect it to be particularly popular as most organisations who would be interested in incorporating Moot into their infrastructure will probably wait until the dust has settled. Nevertheless, adding yet more features to Moot is fantastic.