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Watching Musk destroy anything he touches at the moment is excellent entertainment.

His acquisition of Twitter is going far worse than most predicted and it’s now quite probable that the damage blast radius he’s causing could get so vast that he’ll hurt Tesla and SpaceX. Cry me a river.

I’ve removed links to my Twitter profile on my site and have deactivated my Twitter account.

I need to investigate if I should use a client or browser extension of some kind to get full read access back as by default a login seems to be required to get anywhere when viewing public content. This can be negated by closing the login modal but doing that every time I’d like to read something is going to get annoying fast. Perhaps this won’t be an issue though if most people I’m interested in have already left the platform.

It’s fantastic to see people flock to Mastodon - anything open source and decentralised gaining more followers is wonderful for the internet at large.