Gateway Of Technology Ltd required a simple, easy to use customer relationship management system that integrated with their existing payment system. I developed a Windows application that met all outlined goals and provided a highly-useful and robust business tool.

Gateway CRM add new page

Key features

  • C# application created with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Centralised Microsoft Access database
  • Support for large and small screen sizes
  • Complete search interface

Currently the system uses a Microsoft Access database stored on a company server, allowing customer data to be shared throughout the office. Thanks to similarities with Access and MySQL syntax, the option is always there to upgrade the database to a dedicated server, offering far more throughput as well as enhanced user management and security.

Gateway CRM search function

Prospective or current clients can be added simply be entering their details and saving them to the database. Once added customers can easily be searched for using the Search tab. To edit a customer’s data, the record is simply double-clicked and all information currently held is added to the Add New tab. Clicking Save updates the record.

An off-the-shelf system was not chosen by Gateway Of Technology as integration with their existing billing platform was vital - something no current CRM offers. This software is fully compatible with their billing platform, allowing importing and exporting customer data instantly.