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Spring 2021 is still outlined as the release timeframe for the Notion API and I can’t wait. I’ve been using Notion since becoming a Lead Developer to try and improve my knowledge storage and it’s been a fantastic choice so far.

I’ve used some of the templates Notion ships with, particularly the project board (like Trello) for little side projects that warrant more than just a todo list. However most of my usage is just pages with bullet points and sub headings.

Because pages can be rearranged so easily I’m trying to force myself to create new pages for every topic rather than ending up with large pages that contain notes on a whole topic. This heavy partitioning has no effect on searching but makes it easier to manually find something if pages are organised correctly. My strategy to pages is much like commits - they’re free so why not use loads?

When the Notion API is finally released I’ll be very interested in using Notion to generate content that then ends up on other systems. For example, this blog uses Jekyll, is hosted on Github and I use Siteleaf to edit content quickly. Siteleaf is great for what it is, but I’d love to be able to write blog posts in Notion and then move pages to a specific location when I’d like to publish them, with the new API I see no reason why this couldn’t easily be done. I expect this type of integration to become very popular when the API becomes public.