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There’s no built-in multiple select in Blazor but it’s pretty easy to get one working without any libraries.

Firstly the HTML in your component. Do not add the normal @bind-Value to this select, it will break initial rendering and I couldn’t find a way around that. Fortunately as the underlying model value is updated programmatically, 2-way binding isn’t required.

AllOptions is just the list of options you’d like to appear, this could just be strings or something fancier if you need.

<select @ref="_selectReference" @onchange="OnSelectionChanged" multiple>
	@foreach (var option in AllOptions)
		<option value="@option" selected="@Model.SelectedOptions.Contains(option)">@option</option>

In your component’s code section we need to get the selected values and then update the model. In my example I’m using a HashSet because I expect all values to be unique, you could also us a List if you prefer.

private async Task OnSelectionChanged(ChangeEventArgs eventArgs)
	var selection = await GetSelections(_selectReference);
	Model.SelectedOptions = selection;

private ElementReference _selectReference;

public async Task<HashSet<string>> GetSelections(ElementReference elementReference)
	return (await JS.InvokeAsync<List<string>>("getSelectedValues", _selectReference)).ToHashSet();

And finally a tiny bit of JavaScript is required sadly that returns all the selected values for C# to update your model.

window.getSelectedValues = function(sel) {
	var results = [];
	var i;
	for (i = 0; i < sel.options.length; i++) {
		if (sel.options[i].selected) {
			results[results.length] = sel.options[i].value;
	return results;

And that’s it, add some styling and you should have a working multi select in your Blazor form.