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I hate iOS. And I also hate Android. For years I developed apps for both platforms (and Windows desktop too) and for this reason I’m an anti-fanboy. I’m all too aware of the terrible memory usage when initialising UI on Android and the diabolical tool that is Xcode for iOS development. I don’t have a strong allegiance to either clan and have now flip-flopped between the two every 3 years or so.

With the rising cost of Android flagships since I last bought my Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, iPhones are once again looking like a reasonable choice if you like your phone to last a decent amount of time and not degrade to the point that it’s unusable.

The last iPhone I had was a 128GB 6S+ that I bought a few months after its launch. It was expensive but it served me very well for the 3 years I used it and was helpful in getting me my first app development job as I had something to run my dodgy code on.

The iPhone 13 Pro looks like a nice device considering the spec and price. Having an OLED screen that’s also 120hz should be lovely, particularly when viewing in low light situations and at low-brightness - I tend to have the brightness on all devices I use turned way down and mostly favour dark themes.

It will be interesting to discover how iOS has moved on since I last used it, hopefully some of the things I’ve since enjoyed with Android will have now been implemented on iOS. I’m expecting the advancements in camera technologies and overall performance enhancements to be quite noticeable for me.