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Everyone keeps going on about how good Keychron keyboards are so I caved and got one. The keyboard I’ve been using for the last 6 years was still working fine but I’d begun to not appreciate having a number pad due to the space it takes up on my desk and it was also starting to look a bit tired although it’s still fully-functional.

The Keychron K2 V2 includes a function key row and arrow keys as well as one column of keys on the right side for page up/down and home/end but does not feature a number pad. This means I’m able to keep the keyboard more central on my desk as I’m right-handed. It’s not as though my desk is small, it’s our old dining room table that got decommissioned when we bought our house last year, but not having the main part of the keyboard where I’d like it on my desk was becoming annoying.

It features lovely full-size mechanical switches, in my case I’ve gone with browns as I like the balance between clicky and softness. It feels great to type on for work and seems to be fine for casual gaming although I’m not qualified to discuss that further.

The aluminium chassis is heavy and rigid resulting in a solid feeling when typing that is similar to my last keyboard. Although this keyboard is wireless I leave it permanently plugged in as I don’t move it around at all - I’ve never really understood the demand for wireless keyboards. Mice it makes sense but for something that most of us don’t move more than a few inches it seems unnecessary.

I’ve read criticism of the keycaps however so far I find them more than adequate and will not be replacing them any time soon. I also found replacing the US keys with the Windows UK layout super easy considering I don’t spend my free-time fannying about with keyboards normally.

Overall for about £100 delivered this is a great device for me and I’d recommend Keychron for other developers that like a nice mechanical keyboard. I got mine from The Keyboard Company and would recommend them for UK buyers due to generally lower prices than Amazon and a good range of products.