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I feel like I should write more.

Not necessarily to always publish on my blog, but because it’s a good outlet and I’m enjoying reading other people’s writing more at the moment through their tiny websites.

Whenever I have to compose an email or document for work I seem to enjoy the novelty of longer form writing, as with development, it’s fairly unusual to write line after line with many characters in one sitting, at least for me anyway.

I’m also interested in trying to write things by hand but I’ll start digitally first.

Amazon are launching a new Kindle soon that aims to compete directly with Remarkable, allowing hand written notes to be saved in a digital format and OCR’d automatically.

I’m curious about using that method to produce content for the internet. I’ve seen some paper-to-blog products on Hacker News that automatically convert from hand written notes on old-school paper to digital text on a blog and like the idea.

There are also examples of people taking PNGs or SVGs of their digital writing and making websites directly from that. The technical limitations regarding accessibility and responsiveness intrigue me with this idea, they’re both things I’d be interested in solving.

The biggest issue with this is that my handwriting is and always has been terrible. This isn’t the case for any more reason than I’ve never tried to make it nice. Perhaps if I put some effort in I can improve it and potentially enjoy the artistry?

I’ve started a single page in my Notion to just start writing in. This very sentence started life in that page. One thing I always get hung-up on when thinking about writing a blog post is creating a new page in Notion and having a title for it. This is backwards, I should just start writing anywhere and then move text to a better home when one becomes obvious - hopefully this will encourage me to write more.

I also get caught up in the cycle of writing something and then immediately feeling like I should publish it. This makes the whole process feel rushed and sucks some of the enjoyment from it. For now I’m not going to publish anything immediately but sit on it in this new Notion page and let it brew a bit. I get the impression that this will improve quality and also help me enjoy it more.