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I’ve not seen too much talk about Andor and a lot of people I know who’ve watched the other Star Wars TV shows gave it a miss due to Disney fatigue or a lack of trust due to the other poor to barely-acceptable works.

However I’ve been encouraging everyone to give it a go. The first three episodes aren’t great, in fact I very nearly gave up after episode 3, Mary did. But in the later episodes something changes. Andor becomes the TV show I’ve wished for all along since Disney started churning these things out.

Yes Mon Motham and Luthen Rael are great characters, but the star of the show by a long way for me is Dedra Meero. What an awesome character! Finally an Imperial officer that’s terrifyingly competent. The Empire gets portrayed as a moronic institution all too often - how are they taking over the galaxy if they’re all so stupid? Dedra highlights how, she’s terrifying.

Couple this great character with the story of Cassian’s imprisonment, a commentary on pointless slave labour and the injustices in the galaxy. I’m looking forward to how they break out of the prison, the build up to this has been excellent. Andy Serkis making a decent appearance was very welcome too.

Hopefully they stick the landing. If so, Andor will likely be my favourite live-action Start Wars TV show to date, although beyond The Mandalorian season 2, that’s not a very high bar.