Things I’m actively working/playing with

  • Listing/cataloguing social network using Vue.js, Azure SQL Database, .Net Core Web API

Completed projects

Here are few things I’ve built. They’re in chronological order for your convenience.

Project Tech
Natural language parser (recipe ingredients) C#, Sprache
Recipe social network C#, .Net Core, Cosmos Db, server rendered Blazor (Razor components)
Highly parallel web crawler C#, .Net Core, Azure Functions, Cosmos DB, Storage Queues
Multiplicative persistence calculator for large numbers C#, .Net Core
Food Hygiene Twitter Bot C#, UK food hygiene rating data API, Tweetinvi, SQLite, Azure Functions, Azure File Storage
Updates to Blazor based Todo.txt app Blazor, Mono via Wasm
.Net Core super-fast immutable object store C#, .Net Core
Web API for SQLite C#, .Net Core
Decentralised social network app using email as transport mechanism Xamarin Forms, MailKit, SQLite
Static photography site generator (Output) C#, .Net Core, UIKit
Blazor based Todo.txt app (Source) Blazor, Mono via Wasm
HACK24 Microsoft Bot Framework, Azure SQL database, Giphy API
.Net Core authentication using CouchDb C#, .Net Core Web App, CouchDB
SocketComment C#, .Net Core Web App, CouchDB
Pure Web API C#, .Net Core, Azure Web Service
.Net Core blockchain C#, .Net Core
Reverse engineering the Logi Circle API C#, .Net Core, MPEG-DASH streaming
New version of this site Jekyll, Github Pages
Git based JSON object store C#, .Net Core, Git, JSON
Distributed local search engine C#, .Net Core
Supermarket price tracking & prediction system C#, .Net Core, Postgres
Live global flight data-gathering and statistics system C#, Entity Framework 6, MSSQL
Emily O’Reilly ACR - Paper Conservation WordPress
Entity Framework backed mutithreaded web crawler C#, Entity Framework 6, MSSQL
HACK24 ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework, Xamarin Forms
Super simple todo list HTML5, Javascript, Bootstrap
Hyperspace route calculator C#
Date/outing finder Android app Google Places API, C#, ASP.NET Web API 2, Entity Framework 6, MSSQL
iOS Hacker News client with offline caching Xcode, Swift
Task Eleven - Poetry and prose by Mary Dansie WordPress - A collection of poems written by a computer Python, WordPress
Classifying liver lesions using machine learning WEKA, MATLAB
Microsoft Azure authentication mobile service & Android app Microsoft Azure mobile service, Google authentication API, Android Studio
Research paper: Braitenberg Vehicle Demonstrating a ‘Fear’ of Spherical Objects Turtlebot, Python, ROS, OpenCV
Automatic detection of rivers in RGB satellite imagery using support vector machines (MComp research project) Python, OpenCV, Scikit-learn
Analysis of historical weather records for Lincolnshire (~1.8 million records) C++, OpenCL
HACK24 Android Studio, Pusher
Braitenberg vehicle demonstrating a ‘fear’ of spherical objects Turtlebot, Python, ROS, OpenCV
IaaS cloud service for inventory management (custom RESTful API) Python, Tornado, Microsoft Azure
Moira West Fibre Artist & Felt Maker WordPress
Statistical analysis of Yellowhammer population IBM SPSS
Pool game simulation C++, OpenGL
Lung image analysis project MATLAB
The University of Lincoln School of Computer Science Postgraduate Management System (UROS 2015 project) Laravel, MySQL
Global public FTP indexing Python, MySQL
Jaq McCaughern Contemporary Artist WordPress, Bootstrap
Wildlife Conservation: Help Nature WordPress
PHP content management system in < 100 lines (this site) PHP, HMTL5, CSS3
Distributed website mapping system Ruby, MongoDB
Real-time cloud messaging service Microsoft Azure cloud, Azure TABLE data storage, AMS single sign-on, Windows Phone 8.1
Networked traffic light junction simulator Java
Intelligent news aggregator web application (Undergraduate dissertation project) Ruby, Sinatra, Redis, Bootstrap
Lincoln Guitar Tuition WordPress
Twitter mood controlled music app Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft Azure cloud
Gateway Of Technology Ltd. website redesign WordPress, Bootstrap
Personal photography website Koken
Pro Logs Ltd. WordPress
Dynamic Wheels Ltd. WordPress
The University of Lincoln School of Computer Science Student Management System (UROS 2014 project) PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, CouchCMS
The University of Lincoln American Football Team WordPress
Head movement computer control system C++, Microsoft Kinect
Designing a £250,000 campus network Cisco hardware
A* algorithm maze solver C++
Geographic semantic network generator Prolog WordPress
AutoInvoice C#
Where’s Wally solver C++
Puzzle solving using a sum of squares algorithm C++
The Caravan Club - Lincolnshire Centre WordPress
Charles Osei’s blog Ghost blogging platform
Gateway Of Technology Ltd. website optimisation WordPress
GatewayCRM C#
JHACK - The Technology Blog WordPress